Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We got home Sunday. late afternoon.  I was wiped out yesterday.  My ankles look like  cantelopes, too much sitting.
Trev and I had a great time and accomplished a lot.  He had the whole house painted inside, we order blinds and shutters and got his kitchen usable.  The house is very nice.  Some interesting curtain configurations.  In the master they had black out shades on one rod and then some  Crossill damask drapes as a liner and then sheers.  Took all that down and made valances out of the Crossill  drapes that I hung in the dining room.  We shopped the consignment stores and let me tell you Trev was skeptical.  First one we visited was a total washout.  Prices too high and lots of junk.  Next one was a jackpot!  We bought a custom made dining room set with 8 chairs.  Next two linen chairs for the living room and a picture and another linen chair that is a script print that will never be out of style for the master.  On a roll here!  Joe went to a local hardware store and when he came out he said there is a coffee table and side table at a thrift shop next door that is $15.  You should go look so I did.  Very nice, solid oak with mirror inserts.  I bought a little trinket and ask if the mirrors came out.  the man said yes they did and was I thinking about buying them.  I said yes, he said we have no room for this and make me an offer.  I said $10 and he said sold. Bingo!    Joe and I went back to pay for the dining room set on Mon. and we stopped in a parking lot so Joe could look up the consignment shop address and there was a Salvation Army, I went in and looked around and saw a lamp that was really nice for $12.99.  We found the consignment shop and a white mirror for over the fireplace and I ask Joe to take me back to Salvation Army for the lamp.  It was "senior" day so the lamp cost $9.75.  I painted it silver and bought a white shade and it looks great.  Trev just shook his head.  I thought that was suspect but he assured me that it was a great buy & he liked it a lot.  Long story short, I will be going back on the 30th to help finish up and will take pictures of all this stuff.

Here's a card I made for one of my swaps.  Something a little different.  It's nice to be home but was a fun adventure!

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