Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This is one of my shoe box cards.  I made two since they are super simple.  I'll show you the other one tomorrow.  This happy birthday is a die.  Pretty hard to glue down and probably more stable if you used metalic gold, silver or copper paper.  There's a learning curve here.  When you remove it from the die it tends to stretch so here's what I did.  I ordered a roll of Scoore Tape that is 1 1/2 inches wide.  Cost a  fortune in postage but since I am spending the kids money that's OK!  I glued one side to card stock and then cut the die.  Before removing it from the die I
removed the backing then  I punched out all the pieces,
 then placed it over where I wanted to place it on the card front then punched it out and glued it down.  Hopefully I'll get better at it. I did the birthday first since it is  bigger. Theembossing folder is a Darcie which is new.  I really like it

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