Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Peg requested that I make a card for Mildred who is turning 101 this week.  I made this card for her and got it in the mail yesterday.  I thought this die was fantastic.  Well it is a PIA.  I have tried any number of things to glue it to a piece of card stock.  First you need extra thick card stock because when you remove it from the die it is very flimsy and streches.  Yesterday I used Martha Stewart glue and applied the glue before I took it out of the die.  Maybe not brilliant but at least a light bulb moment for me.  I could see where I was putting the glue, held it over where I thought it should go  and released it.  Next time I will use metalic card stock because it is thicker.  Still wish I could come up with a spectacular use of this die but to date it eludes me!

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  1. Linda, thanks for all that hard work! Mildred will appreciate it as do I!