Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm sorry that I was unable to alert you to the fact that we were going away & I was not able to post.  Joe had the computers turned off when I went to do that.  Joe's Mom received 127 cards and some are still trickling in.  A big thanks to  all of you that contributed.  Joe's 3 brothers and sister  enjoyed it more than his Mom did (I think) she had a little trouble grasping the concept.  Each one and their  spouses  looked at every card  and were very appreciative. I simply can't thank you enough for your participation. Tomorrow  I will be back to my normal posting, 1100 miles in 2 days n is a lot for us old folks & I have a busy rest of the week with  an appt. for blood  work and a neighborhood party @ our house.  I have told the  NOT to bring their white  gloves!

Hugs Linda!

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  1. That many cards turned out to be a thrill for everybody! Good plan! It surprises me not that you came home to a busy week.