Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I hope you had a nice holiday weekend.  I spent the last three days moving my stuff into the new space.  I did not realize how much stuff I have.  Some is going that is for sure.  I made a card for a friend that is still recovering from surgery.  I went through all my 12x12 paper and got rid of some that I know I will never use.  I am now on a first name basis with my Brothers labeler..  In the beginning the words were ones I care not to reveal but I finally got the hang of it.    Here's the card.   This stamp is in three parts.  I cut it out and then added the inside part then the sentiment.  DUH, I should have stamped them all together.  At least I got it pretty centered.  It is a Hero Arts & another one came in the package that is Just Because.  I am going to try to use it today.  Enough of this organizing, I need to stamp!

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