Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The chimless wind chime

Here's a couple of pictures of the wind chime. It does make a little noise but not as much as I hoped. If I hung it here @ the house I am sure the neighbors would be happy that it doesn't make much noise even though our houses are far apart. I'm a hanger on so I plan to take it down to the point and get the light & sound production guy to give me some pointers on how to make it chime or at least to give me some tips on how to get the next one to "sound off". I love the shot gun shells and the little mug that says "don't mess with Texas" & the "steamer" parts that the shells are hanging from, a contribution from Sharon. There's a lot of stuff there. I think Joe thinks it is junky & I think it is funky. You guys be the judge!

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