Monday, August 8, 2011

We are back! We had a great time with family and friends. We attended church where we were married and they acknowledged our 50 yrs. together. Lots of family and friends attend with us so that was very special.

The kids and grands really liked Branson. We wore our "oldie wed" shirts to a dinner show. I thought the grands would think it was hokey but they loved it. We attracted lots of attention. Evan called us the blue crew.

Joe, Ally, Evan and Alex came to Branson in the RV and I rode with Trev. The kids were in the back and when Joe stopped for gas they got out. Joe didn't know this so he was a few miles down the road before he got the call that they were back at the station. Thank God for cell phones. Everyone thought it was hilarious but the 4 above mentioned. Trev and I were looking for a grocery but when we heard that the kids were stranded we opted for liquor!

I will get back in the groove and do some stamping as soon as I get the mounds of laundry done. Don't give up on me!!

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